Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh No..!!! it's raining.!

hahaha..!! there's no way you can stop the rain if it want to pour down...2200 Hrs, 24th September 2008, i sms Rodney in short " hujan ni...", he replied " kansel". Early in the afternoon he told me he already bought fresh sotong & tamban as baits--( wei...Rod, is it true on your blog you stated your favourites baits is those "baits"??) for tonite fishing.

What to do, well there's none any "headline" for this time.
" tide is right
tide is nice
i cast to the right
it's kerapu mice"

1 comment:

rodney said...

my favourite is the red and white popper.used it for saltwater and even freshwater before.although i still havent catch any fish with any of my lures but.....u'll day,i'll catch the biggest and heaviest fish among us all.if otik,otik pun otik la as long as it's the biggest and heaviest.