Tuesday, December 16, 2008

here are some photo's taken during my working outstations to Paitan, Sandakan. Photo taken just along main road side. Easy accessible even by a Proton Wira but the journey will takes about 2.5 hrs. Jungle are quite thick here and even some people spotted a Tiger around and along the road during night time. And this is the main road to Mamahat also to fish for big "tambaring"
, "alu-alu".


mizlan said...

wooo..bos!cantik tmpt utk mmcing ni..geram aku tgk.oh!rupanya dkt dgn sg memahat..dkt tmpt tambaring tu...agak2 bila boleh pergi tmpt ni bos?

donny said...

tpt ni memang bikin geram tngk. kawasan hutan. aku nampak org pncng guna joran rotan sj. Sg. Mamahat tu aku plan lepas musim monsoon..