Sunday, September 28, 2008

GT anyone ?

It's been so long that i wanted to own a long surf rod. Surf rod 10ft above is suitable for surf casting from seaside or beaches. 27th September 2008 is the day. I bought one new 10ft surf fishing rod, new reel,use new line and sinker. I wanted a 12 to 15 ft but can't fit into my tiny car. 28 september 2008, I went to the seaside near our navy base. People caught trevally,snapper,kerapu there before. I want to give it a try. I've been fishing here quite a few times but still not satisfied. Why? unable to cast far enough. it's windy, small "belanak" as bait i cast. Feels good, much more further than my 8 ft rod.

Rodney smses & will join the hunt & experiment of my new rod. He came around 7am bringing fresh prawns as extra baits. I used that bait and as soon my sinker drop in the water, a small kerapu grab it.----------->this kerapu only about 6 inches long. What fin is that beside the kerapu...?

Seems like fresh prawn is "sellable" but it cannot withstand the pressure during the strong casting. It will breakoff in pieces...So, i change to slice of sotong.

Around 7.40am, i cast out nearer to the navy base jetty and waited. Suddenly ! my new 10ft rod vibrated..! Luckily i was sitting next beside or else. I grab the rod quickly and started reeling in. Few onlookers anxiously waiting wether i really caught a fish. Rodney came and too witnessed it (lucky for him it's live telecast).

After one 2 minute, this is the result :

Type of Fish : Trevally/ Matak ( local chinese say), Weight: 1.1kg, Small but POWERFULL.

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