Saturday, October 18, 2008

Believe it or Not

It's been exactly one whole week i didnt go for fishing, wether goin alone or with the Tegar team.
This afternoon Rodney ( smsed me and asking when i will be back for action ? I told him, soon..
Few days ago he caught a snack plate size Garoupa, congrats.

<<----it's Rodney in action casting a popper..

Something to share with you all that the two photo beside is one of the place to go for fishing in Sandakan seaside. Lot's of stories been told about this place. Locals here call it "tembok" or "navy base tembok" or "millimewa" or "Roundabout", macam-macam ada.

Stories like : 4 kg GT, Kerapu, 10kgs above Ikan Merah, Telinga Gajah, "Laimang", Otik, Puffer, Sembilang, Crab, Parrotfish, alu-alu, Biawak ??, etc.

Few years ago, i went to this spot fishing alone. While fishing bottom, i can see a good size fish (actually it's quite big! - but i know nobody will believe me.) swimming just in front of me almost top of the water. I was sitting on the rocky seaside. I quickly ran to a supermarket and bought a spinner spoon (no other accessories available). By the time i get back to the spot, i know, it's not there anymore.

Just one week ago i went fishing to this spot again and this time with Rodney. I cast my 10 ft for bottom and used 8 feet for casting lure .
The water tide was low. After almost an hour casting, again, i saw a fish swimming across in front of me. This time smaller. I can see it with the help of a polarized sunglasses.

It was so unlucky that i have to unhook my lure from a plastic bag (rubbish). But i didnt let my eyes off or away from the swimming fish. I can see the tail quite clear. I quickly follow few metres to the left but the fish is getting further and faster. Rodney quickly took out his popper soon he know wat is going on. Unlucky for both of us, unable to hunt it. I'll be back for more type of lures cause i know it is not bottom water type of fish.

Believe it or Not....

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