Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lure vs Fresh Baits = Fresh Bait Win !

Tried to fish using only lure today from 3pm onwards. 2 hours gone and i stop. Didn't catch anything. Other friends keep on asking me " where's your 10 ft ?" Be patience. I replied. I cast for bottom fishing using belanak as baits. Few minutes after here is the result :
Super Fish ! I do not know what the name of this fish but Rodney will check it out. At the moment we name it " Manyung".
Why Super Fish ? This fish was landed at 5:41Pm, We went home at 6.40pm, driving to my house tooks 15minutes and this "Manyung" i kept it in a dry plastic bag. Reaching home, to my surprised, it's still alive. I quickly put it in a big container & fill with sea water to keep it alive.
Well, fresh baits win today. --- by the way congrats to Fendy who caught a baby kerapu.
This video showing the "Manyung Fish still alive"

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